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CC Buttocks Lifting Gel 60 | Advanced Buttocks Formula


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What is CC Buttocks Lifting Gel?

Cobeco Cosmetics' Buttocks Lifting Gel has been specifically designed for women wanting to reshape their buttocks by removing unwanted cellulite. This solution can help get rid of dimply thighs and buttocks by increasing the elasticity of skin and improving blood circulation. Besides enhancing overall appearance, CC Buttocks Lifting Gel helps combat cellulite.

How does CC Buttocks Lifting Gel work?

Many women are not happy with the way their buttocks and thighs look. The reason behind dimply thighs and buttocks is the presence of cellulite. CC Buttocks Lifting Gel could be your key to looking and feeling sexy. By regularly applying this gel to areas such as buttocks and thighs, blood circulation to those areas can increase. The increase in blood circulation can help fight cellulite while giving you radiant, smooth skin. It also minimises the appearance of cellulite.

How do I use CC Buttocks Lifting Gel?

For best results, it is recommended to apply CC Buttocks Lifting Gel directly onto skin on thighs and the buttocks area twice a day and massage the areas until the gel is completely absorbed. The gel must be applied in a circular motion as part of your daily beauty routine. Within a few days, you can see a difference in the shape and firmness of your buttocks.

What are the ingredients?

CC Buttocks Lifting Gel includes Aqua, Hedera, Juniperus, Arnica, Panax, Ginseng, Carbomer, Tea, Rosmarinus Oil, Cl 42051 and Cl 73015, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Limonene and Linalool.

Is it safe to use and are there any side-effects?

CC Buttocks Lifting Gel is made up of only natural ingredients and has no known side effects. But as with any other skin care product, it is advised to check all ingredients for allergens before using. You can conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of the gel to the forearm to check for redness and itching. If either or both of these conditions occur, it is advised to discontinue using of the product.

How do I order for my CC Buttocks Lifting Gel?

You can buy CC Buttocks Lifting Gel by placing an order with Skin Care Total before 4pm on any working day to get the solution for shapely buttocks delivered to you the next day.

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since using the buttocks gel the cellulite has gone and the skin is firmer, i thouht it would result in a bigger bum though

i cannot believe that it reduced my cellulite that fast, its almost all gone. really pleased with the reslts.

cc buttocks gel has saved my life, i am just about to head off to ibiza and i have been applying this gell like crazy for the last 2.5 months in preparation for my holiday, i jsut checked myself in the mirror and my ass is looking great so i am more than happy to spend the next week in my bikini ;) watch out lads!!

beach bum ready, thank you skincaretotal UK

my husband wont stop grabbing my ass now, hes the one who has noticed the changes more than anyone else, he cant belive a cream can do such a thing, i am impressed myself

my bum looks and feels amazxing!

Oh that sagging skin on my butts is gone. I lyksss.

Thanks for giving me a bikini ready bum. lolz