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Cellu Smooth


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Application for Cellu Smooth

What is Cellu Smooth and how does it work?

It is a new and innovative anti-cellulite product that uses ultrasound technology to reduce the cellulite. When the high frequency ways penetrate the deep layers of skin, they help mobilise fatty deposits and allows them to exit the body naturally through the lymphatic system. It is a completely safe and painless treatment that not only reduces appearance of cellulite but also nourishes the skin.

Benefits of using Cellu Smooth

Just 15 minutes treatment daily for just a few weeks can help improve your body shape by mobilising the cellulite. It also helps smooth and firm the skin appearance, while increasing blood and lymph circulation. You can also it to relax tired and aching muscles.

Cellu smooth for Cellulite

Directions to use

  • Clean the area you wish to treat. Make sure no cream or lotion is left on the target area
  • Now plug the device straight into a mains power supply and select the intensity
  • Apply Cellu Smooth Gel on the area to be treated
  • Use the device on the target area for 15 minutes
  • When working on larger areas, use stroking method
  • After completion of the treatment, switch off the device and wipe the gel off with a dry cloth

For maximum benefits, use Cellu Smooth daily for 15 minutes on each specific area. Most users start noticing improvement in their skin within two weeks. However, for best results you should continue using the device for at least 8 weeks. After that you can use the device 2 to 3 times a week for maintaining the results.

Is it safe to use Cellu Smooth?

The ultrasound waves used in this device are similar to those used to scan pregnant women and hence, they only penetrate skin layers, not muscles. Both men and women above 18 years of age can use this device to deal with cellulite problem. Avoid using the device over skin infection, sunburns and open wounds. You should also refrain from using this cellulite treatment if you are pregnant, suffer from heart disease or have IUD fitted.

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really easy to use, quick delivery and reduces cellulite like it is its worst enemy

feels really nice to use on the skin, and is really easy to use.

such an easy to use product and the best part is there is no mess, just put it back in the box and your done :) no prepping before and no after care needed aswell

Very easy to use and I find it a great alternative to other more extreme options available. The results may take persistant use to see them but i've definitely seen an improvement to the areas I've focused on.


Great product. Great delivery. I feell alot more confident about problem cellulite areas than i used to be :)