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Elevate Digital Facial Toner


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Uses of Elevate Digital Facial Toner

What is the Elevate-digital toner?

The Elevate-digital toner works by using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) which causes contractions in the face and neck area. This method is similar to the way muscles contract during exercise. The EMS technology also stimulates blood flow which will help cell regeneration while getting rid of toxins in the skin.

Elevate-digital toner: EMS TECHNOLOGY FOR SKIN

EMS technology has been used for a long time to help people tone muscles and relieve pain, through research and advancements in technology it can now be used to contract the muscles in the face and neck. The Elevate Digital toner delivers impulses to cause the muscles to contract in the face and neck area, there is a lot of research to back up the calims. Devices using EMS technology have been deemed safe for use in humands and are also regulated by the FDA (Food and drug administration).

Proven results

EMS Technology for Skin

The pulling force of gravity eventually starts to take toll on the muscles and skin. As a result of less elastin being produced skin can begin to sag and become dull looking. EMS technology is scientifically proven to increase blood flow for faster regeneration and improve muscle and skin tone.

An improvement in the circulatory system has shown to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the treated areas which can aid rejuvenation. Many studies have shown that EMS is effective in strengthening muscles at a deeper level than the benefits you would get from facial exercises.

When can I start seeing results?

Depending on the skin condition users can expect to start seeing results after 4 to 6 sessions. It is safe to use daily but when desired results have been achieved you can maintain the skin with the elevate digital toner just a few times per week.

Usage tips

The Elevate Digital Facial Toner has three settings on the device which should be set according to your needs.

  • Normal facial setting for 6 minutes use
  • Relaxing facial for 6 minutes use
  • Intensive facial for 4 minutes use

The device has a program timer which digitally displays the setttings for ease of use. Once the timers runs out the device is set to automatically turn off. Before using the device you should ensure the skin is free from cosmetics and jewellery.

Are there any side effects?

Elevate Digital Facial Toner safe product

Although there have been no reported side effects there are certain people that should not use the Elevate digital toner. They are as follows:

  • On areas that are newly scarred, 6 months should pass before the device is used
  • If you have a skin disease or disorder on the area(s) you wish to treat
  • If you have an open wound or infection including sunburn
  • If you have a fever (a temperature exceeding 38 degrees)

How to order ?

It’s simple, secure and fast to order the Elevate-digital toner from SkinCareTotal.uk. You can choose from a range of payment methods and delivery options. All you have to do to get your device the very next day is place your order before 4pm. Just add your device to the basket and follow the on screen instructions and you could begin to both reduce current aging signs and prevent the speed of future aging in less than 24 hours!