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Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift ™ 

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Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is a natural wrinkle cream which is formulated to target the contours of your eyes and delicate areas around them. This wrinkle eye treatment works to reduce the effects of tiredness and ageing around the eyes.

  • Instant Eyelift works to moisturise skin around your eyes
  • The cream is convenient and easy-to-use
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • can easily blend into your eye regime

There are many factors that cause wrinkles such as ageing, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, facial mannerisms, habitual sleeping posture and temporary loss of body mass to name a few. Markets across the world are flooded with skin regeneration and anti-ageing products that can help women battle stress and other factors that cause wrinkles and accelerate the ageing process.

Uses of Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

What is Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift?

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is a wrinkle eye treatment cream being brought to you by Skin Doctors to support healthy eye care. As its name suggests, Instant Eyelift works to show a difference within a few minutes of application. Most women users experience a tingling sensation around the eyes after applying the cream. The formulation is designed to last for up to 8 hours, which means you can be ready for a meeting or a party within minutes!

How does Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift work?

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is a dermabrasion solution which is formulated to tighten skin around and under your eyes, therefore visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The ingredients of this wrinkle eye treatment cream form an elasticised, water-retaining film that helps skin around the eyes to remain hydrated, smooth and light.

Before & After Use of  Skin Doctors Eyelift Serum

*Results vary from person to person.

How is Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift used?

The application of Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift is quick but it requires many minutes before it gets absorbed into your skin for you to apply make–up such as a layer of eye-liner or mascara. The effect of this cream can last up to 8 hours. For continued effects, reapplication of the cream is advised.

Are there any side-effects?

Although, Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift contains natural ingredients, it is recommended that you check all the ingredients for allergens. It is recommended that you conduct a patch test by applying a small amount of the cream on your wrist and checking for any reactions. If you experience any redness or itching, discontinue using the cream and seek other microdermabrasion treatments that suits your skin.

What are the ingredients?

The main ingredients of this Instant Eyelift cream are Biocare SA, Skin Tightener ST, and Sodium Silicate. Biocare SA contains albumin and hyaluronic acid which helps keep skin hydrated, supple and tightened with their water retention properties. Skin Tightener ST aims to tighten and smooth skin. Sodium Silicate has properties that can dry the cream almost instantly and helps in the formation of the film that provides for the instant lifting effect.

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Chelsea says:

my eyes look amazing instantly after every use

millie says:

for best results i found using it daily works very well, its a commitment but you dont get results unless you put in just a tin bit of effort.

moxon says:

i use this before i go out clubbing, all my girl have asked how i do my make up that way, i never told them my secret little trick ;)

gaina says:

i cant imagine my life without this now, i use it almost everyday

emilia 12 says:

i can fully open my eyes now without the bags blocking them lol

MAE says:


JUNIPA says:

took forever but it worked eventually