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Native Remedies Boil-Rx 

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Relieve symptoms of boils and skin eruptions with a safe and non-addictive homeopathic remedy Boil-Rx. The natural remedy contains selected ingredients that helps reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and pus caused by boils.

  • Reduces inflammation and discomfort caused by boil
  • FDA-registered homeopathic remedy
  • Easy to ingest concentrated tincture formula
  • Supports overall skin health
  • Safe for all, including pregnant and nursing women
  • One 2 fl oz bottle can last up to 30 days

Boil-RX can be used for calming boils anywhere on the body, including the trunk, armpit, buttocks or groin area. While this remedy can assist in pus removal from a fully developed boil, it can also be taken at the first sign of skin redness to reduce inflammation.

What is a boil and how is it caused?

Boil is usually formed due to the inflammation in hair follicles. It begins as a red and tender bump localized in an area and over the time it develops into a firm, hard, and tenderer lump that is filled with infection-fighting white blood cells. Eventually, the white blood cells, bacteria, and proteins combine to form pus.

Mostly boils are caused by an ingrown hair, but sometimes they can form as the result of a splinter. Sometimes boil can even be caused when a foreign material becomes lodged in the skin. Anyone can develop boil, but people with weak immune system are more vulnerable to develop it.

What is Native Remedies Boil-Rx?

Boil-Rx is a FDA-registered homeopathic remedy that has been specially formulated to relieve symptoms of boils and skin eruptions such as inflammation, pain, swelling and pus. This natural remedy contains 100% homeopathic ingredients that work quickly to reduce inflammation, discomfort and pain.

Benefits of Boil-Rx

  • Eases swelling and inflammation
  • Calms boils and septic skin eruptions
  • Relaxes irritated skin surrounding boils
  • Discharges pain and discomfort
  • Dissolves specific local superficial infection
  • Supports removal of toxins and pus

Ingredients of Boil-Rx

This homeopathic remedy for boil contains Hepar sulph (6C), Silica mar (8C), Sulfur iod (6C), Echinacea (6C), Calc sil (6C), Citricidal extract (inactive ingredient). All these ingredients are 100% homeopathic and have been selected because of their property to support overall skin health, without causing any kinds of side effects.

Directions to use

Boil-Rx comes in a form of liquid drops that must be taken orally. Take 0.50 mL drops up to every 2 hours for optimal results. You can either hold the bottle upside-down to take the drops directly into the mouth or sip diluted drops in a small amount of water.

Like other homeopathic remedies, it can also be taken 10 minutes after a meal, or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth. However, make sure you don’t take strong mint-flavoured candy after the remedy as it may reduce its effectiveness.

Is Boil-Rx safe?

It is a homeopathic remedy that is safe for all ages. Even pregnant and breastfeeding women can also use it for calming boils and skin eruptions. However, if you have any autoimmune conditions, you should avoid this product because of its immune-stimulating effects.

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Janet says:

really helps with the pain of my boils, and the puss reduction helps alot too

Ruory says:

my boils appear all the time and usually around the same place, since i used the native remedies solution they have reduced and even stopped coming back in some palces, its insane that this actually works, i am very very happy

Buggsy says:


chirkak says:

my boils have gone, thank you skincaretotal

ruth says:

highly recommend this product, really works and it works seriously fast.

carmen says:

leaves the skin healthy even after the boil dissappears.

Kelly says:

reduces swelling, removes the after scar from the boils, stops the puss from pouring out.

Frodomojo says:

I had one on my leg and it's gone. Top draw. Don't know whether it was because of this product but defo think it helped!

Kat Reese says:

I have a tendency to suffer from boils on my body, so it's really lovely to discover a natural way to treat them compared to chemicals that can potentially do more harm than good in my past experience.

Sylvain Button says:

Simple to use. I was happy with results. Cheers.