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Boost Capsules 120 | Natural Tanning Formula


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What is proto-col Boost?

proto-col Boost is a food supplement which includes nutrients that prepares your skin to face the sun. This product aims to provide deeper, darker and longer-lasting tans. This formulation is especially suitable for fair or medium skin people who want to enhance tanning.

What is proto-col Boost made of?

This tanning solution consists of 10mg of pantothenic acid which is vital in creating carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Production of healthy red blood cells and prevention of anaemia is taken care of by the presence of 200mcg of folic acid, which is yet another key ingredient in proto-col Boost capsules. Zinc, which possesses powerful antioxidant properties, protects skin from premature ageing and also has healing properties.

How do I use this tanning supplement?

By taking 2 capsules twice a day before meals, many users have seen the desired results. Also, many users usually choose to continue taking proto-col Boost capsules even after 2 days of exposing themselves to the sun’s UV rays. It is also advised that you take these tablets two days before you plan to expose your body to the sun. These self-tanning pills can be taken for as long as one wishes.

Are there any side-effects?

Although the supplement does not include any harmful agents, it is advised to check all the ingredients carefully to prevent any known allergies from occurring. It may also be noted that the suggested dosage present on the label should not be exceeded.

How do I order my proto-col Boost?

You can now place an order for proto-col Boost with Skin Care Total before 4pm on any working day to receive your package the following day. Begin now by choosing the ‘Add to Basket’ option now.

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i have been waiting so long for something like this, just as expected i have now got the most amazing natural tan.

i needed something to boost my colour before i go on holiday, there is nothing worse than going on holiday and burning on day 1 and looking like a tomato when your trying to pull lads, now that i have used this and got that beautiful brown skin i can safely go on holiday and continue adding to it. 6 days to ibiza, lets go F'ing mental nah nahhh nahhh nahhhh

i cant believe anyone could give this below five star rating, its incredible the colour you can get, its like the pills know the individuals skin tone and change accordingly

highly recommend this product to anyone, including my friends and family.

10 out of 10 and deserves nothing less, fantastic product!!

Having read about different tanning products, I thought of purchasing this one. I have no qualms with the website but waiting for results for now so cant say much.

So far so good. I can see the difference in tan which is the only thing I care about for now.

I love the way my skin glows with the bronzed tan now. The pills are easy to use and offer some really great benefits.