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proto-col products for Skin Care
Pure Collagen Proto-col Collagen Capsules

Pure Collagen

Proto-col collagen capsules offer you a daily nutritional supplement formula to support skin health. It...

Boost Capsules Proto-col Boost

Boost Capsules

Proto-col Boost is a tanning supplement which is gaining popularity among those men and women who wish to...

Bronze Capsules proto-col Bronze

Bronze Capsules

Proto-col Bronze capsules are formulated to help you gain depth and length in tan for a prolonged period....

Collagen Facemask

Collagen Facemask

Proto-col Collagen Facemask is a natural formula that smoothens, nourishes and refines skin.


Since proto-col’s launch in 2003, they have gone from strength to strength worldwide. Based in the UK, they are a truly British brand producing products for ‘A’ list celebrities as well as the general public. proto-col launched with a single product; proto-col Collagen Capsules, and now has a range that spans over 70!

Proto-col products have become a favourite amongst men and women due to their affordability, safety and simply because they work. The proto-col range now spans 5 different ranges. Although the range has increased, the quality of their product has not degraded at all.

Their ethos is based on 3 simple aspects. They are Luxury-Quality-Affordable. The luxury in each product is maintained even though the proto-col product range has increased. Only the world’s finest ingredients are used to give you a noticeable result. The quality of each product is really felt and experienced thanks to the high quality ingredients used and the care and attention used in the manufacturing process. Proto-col knows that there are many choices available in the market today so they make their product stand out, their quality is a mark of their efforts. The affordability of the proto-col range is important, as they believe that their products should be available for everyone. There is a stigma attached to expensive skincare products that the more expensive directly correlates to better quality. We know that this is incorrect. proto-col still uses high quality ingredients and maintains that each product is affordable.

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