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In simple terms, the Silk’n FaceFX is your home anti-wrinkle device.

Sonic Clean Plus

Sonic Clean Plus

Silk'n Sonic Clean Plus is a handheld device that can used for daily facial at home. It removes 6 times...


Silk’n products are brought to you by Home Skinovations Ltd, the global leader in home use professional aesthetic devices. Each Silk’n device is made using years of research and development to make a ergonomically designed exterior with ground breaking and award winning interior. The Silk’n range targets many aspects of the body to help enhance appearance. The range varies from laser hair removal devices to anti-ageing and skincare devices. The one common thing they all have is a high quality, durable and effective device. Each one is made to last and made to work in its intended way.

For years men and women have had to visit expensive salons to receive the desires hair removal effects of HPL and IPL lasers. What Silk’n have done is brought this highly effective laser technology and harnessed it in such a way that any man or woman can now use it from the comfort of his or hers own home. Their most popular devices are the Silk’n SensEpil, Silk’n SensEpil XL and the new Silk’n Flash&Go Lux. Each Silk’n product uses similar technology to that found in salons but at a fraction of the cost.

The Silk’n range and Silk’n brand has been mentioned and found in many top magazines such as Oprah magazine, Allure, Vogue and many many more. They have also won many awards such as Best Laser Hair Removal, Product of the Year – Hair Removal and Product of the Year – Anti-Aging. You too can join the million plus users of Silk’n Products today by choosing to buy with us today.