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Skinlite Device Skin Rejuvenation System


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What is Skin Lite?

It is an innovative Photon Light Therapy that helps improve the appearance of damaged skin. Acne, ageing, rosacea and sun exposure can leave your skin looking dull and red. With this hand held device, you can easily restore your youthful and radiant glow. The device uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) treatment that effectively and safely accelerates the body’s natural healing process to leave your skin looking tighter, smoother and rejuvenated.

How does it work?

Skin Lite is a four-in-one device that works as a muscles relaxer, anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and healer. It uses Photon Light Therapy to stimulate your skin and heal tissue damage. Each colour light has a different effect and helps relive different problems.

Blue Colour light in skin Lite Red colour light in Skin Lite Yellow colour Light in Skin Lite
Blue helps calm the body and stimulate the elastic tissues of boosting new cell growth. It also helps eliminate acne-causing bacteria. Red penetrates deep into the skin, where it helps stimulate collagen and elastin production. It boosts skin’s natural rejuvenation process to improves skin texture and even out fine lines and wrinkles. Yellow has a purifying effect and helps firm the skin and lighten scars.
Red & Blue colour light in Skin Lite Blue & Red colour light in Skin Lite Orange colour Light in Skin Lite
Red and blue (Lilac) has healing effect and it helps promote blood circulation. It also helps restore skin’s natural balance. Blue and red (Green) has a sedating and balancing effect. It also helps reduce inflammation and swelling of tissues. Red and Yellow (Orange) promotes waste matter removal by boosting blood and lymph circulation. It also helps nourish the cells.

Benefits of using Skin Lite - Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Helps clear out acne breakouts and smooth acne scars
  • Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Repairs sun damaged skin
  • May help reduce signs and symptoms of rosacea
  • Clears out age spots and dull skin
  • Helps relieve the PMS and Seasonal Affective Disorder

How to order Skin Lite?

To put life back into your damaged skin, place your order for Skin Lite with SkinCareTotal now. Simply click on ‘Add to Basket’ option and proceed to payment page. Remember, if you place your order before 4 pm on any working day, your order will be delivered at your door-step the very next day.

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i love that this is a home treatment that actually works in reducing the fine lines on my forehead, Finaly found the solution.

this has deffo helped wit my acne, i use it as much as i possibly can and as a result i have found a decrease in acne breakouts, and when i do have breakouts its not as bad.

the price may look high but its 100% worth it as the results are incredible.

i have very faint scars from acne breakouts in the past and this has smoothened out my skin tone to make it look more normal, very happy girl here.

cured my rosacea in ubelieable time, my red cheeks are completely faded, i just top up the treatebt every now and again to stop it coming back. this product is top quality and would recomend to anyone

before i started using this i had saggy, wrinkly and dry facial skin, i never thought this would work and thought i would just be ripped off again, for some reason i felt at ease when purchasing from this site and so far i have had no problems with the product/products i have ordered from here, the customer service are EXTREMELY helpful and i asked alot of questions. now that i have been using the product for over 2 months i cannot express how happy i am with the results, my skin is no longer sagging and the wrinkles have faded alot, my skin feels a hell of alot healthier now and it transfers into my mood :) all in all its the perfect product for women who are aging and HATE the sight of it.

This morning i looked in the mirror and actually started crying with happiness, the results are undescribable.

My skin feel rejuvinated and fresh. Would recommend as a reliable product and one that makes a great difference to the quality of my skin.


Lovely product. Would recommend to everyone. A little on the steep side for price butoverall good job. I'm still using it!