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Tanning products

Self tanning lotions and supplements can offer unique benefits especially for when the holiday season is not coming anytime soon. Although, men and women have their different reasons to get a tan, most find it extremely difficult to maintain it. The sea, beach and sun is the best way of getting the bronze touch but we have actually come up with some popular tanning products in the market offering almost effortless results. Our sunless tanning methods are free from the harmful ultraviolet rays or aggressive chemicals that damage skin.

Boost Capsules Proto-col Boost

Boost Capsules

Have you always wanted to get tanned but have been scared of the harmful effects of UV rays? Here is a...

Bronze Capsules proto-col Bronze

Bronze Capsules

Do you dream of tanned skin but cannot take a holiday to spend time under the sun? Then you can opt for...


Safe Tanning

Men and women have always enjoyed tans and researchers have actually come up with some really effective self tanning products. From indoor UV beds to lotions and sprays, choices are unlimited but at Skin Care Total, you will only find the products made with natural ingredients. We have not included those harmful beds that increase cancer risks or creams that convey a short-term tan but damage your skin in the long-run.

Capsules: Although, some years back no one would have supported the idea of getting a tan with natural food supplements, we have some really advanced options for you. Both proto-col Bronze tablets and proto-col Boost have been designed to work on the internal mechanisms of tanning. They simply support the melanin production which is directly associated to your complexion of your skin. You do not necessarily have to expose your body to UV rays using this sunless tanning method.

Sprays: The beauty industry and salons have utilized self tanning sprays from many years now but there were no proper domestic options in the market. Usually, these sprays use DHA to change the colour of a desired part of the body. Sprays offer the benefit of ease of use, portability and convenience.

Creams and Lotions: After a study revealed that over 2600 people die annually due to cancers caused by sunbeds, men and women started looking for safer options and that’s when self tanning lotion for face and body got popular. These creams and lotions not only improve the complexion (in terms of tan) but can also moisturize skin at the same time. On Skin Care Total, we have included self tanning lotions with natural ingredients like jojoba oil and powerful antioxidants.

Tanning Procedure

Regardless of what sunless tanning method you choose, it is important to know the right steps of using it. Preparing you skin for the tanning product is critically important before the application. Although, you should go through individual product directions, following steps can help.

  • If possible shave the part of body you want to tan.
  • Exfoliate using a gentle product.
  • Rinse thoroughly and dry out the area with a soft cloth.
  • If you are applying the product on face, apply petroleum jelly on eyebrows for protection.
  • Apply tan spray or lotion and let it dry naturally.
  • Avoid getting the area rubbed against clothing or bed linen for sometime.

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