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Zymaderm Molluscum 13 | Natural Formula for Molluscum


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Uses of ZymaDerm for Molluscum

What is ZymaDerm Molluscum?

ZymaDerm Molluscum

This fast acting relief formula is made with anti-inflammatory, antiviral and soothing ingredients to help you combat on the symptoms of Molluscum Contagiosum. Not-so-harmful viruses cause this viral infection, however this doesn't make the symptoms any less irritating. The condition is quite contagious and may affect several body parts at once, which is why treatment should be prompt or you may end up infecting people in close contact of you.

ZymaDerm for Molluscum Contagiosum comes in a handy pack with an applicator for ease of use. You only need to use it on affected areas.

How can molluscum contagiosum spread?

Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection caused by a virus that is a member of the poxvirus family. You can get the infection a number of different ways. It can be highly contagious and can be easily transmitted from person to person.

  • This infection is commonly found in children and occurs when one comes into direct contact with a lesion.
  • It can also spread by sexual contact in adults.
  • Using the same contaminated objects, such as towels, clothing, doorknobs or toys can also spread this virus.
  • Rubbing or scratching the papules spreads this virus further on the infected person.

Signs to detect the problem

You may often mistake molluscum contagiosum with acne and pimples or warts. Molluscum is a small, painless papule in the beginning stages that gradually grows over weeks to become raised, round, flesh-coloured bumps. It frequently occurs on the face, neck, armpit, arms, and hands except for the palms and soles of your feet.

Molluscum on body

Who can use ZymaDerm for Molluscum Contagiosum?

It fights effectively against molluscum on all body areas of children 9 months of age or older. But limit the use to only once a day for 10 days in case of children less than 5 years of age. However, the use must be strictly supervised. For adults, ZymaDerm can be used twice a day on all affected areas including the genitals and face.

How do I apply it?

This painless and natural product is meant to be used for external use only. It comes with an applicator brush attached to the cap, which can be used to accurately apply the solution to affected parts of the body. Please note that the bumps or lesions may get red and spread a bit more before going away. This is completely normal so do not be alarmed.

How do the ingredients work?

Ingredients: Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Myrtle Oil, Canola Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Clove Bud Oil and Silver Nitrate.

Safe to Use

The natural blend of ingredients are free of any known side effects. However, you cannot overlook the risk of personal allergies and sensitivities towards any of the ingredients. It's advised to go through the detailed list of ingredients below or you can also refer to the pack.

It is CE cleared formula and conforms to the highest standards. You can buy ZymaDerm for Molluscum Contagiosum without a prescription.

Ordering ZymaDerm™ for Molluscum Contagiosum

Ordering at SkinCareTotal couldn't be easier. Simply choose the package you want for your Zymaderm and then click the 'add to basket' icon below and enter the simple checkout procedure. Once in the checkout, you will be given several methods of payment and delivery for you to choose from that suit your needs. If you order before 4.00pm you will receive your ZymaDerm™ for Molluscum Contagiosum the very next working day. You won't believe the results Zymaderm has against Molluscum until you have tried it, users have reported amazing results and no known side effects due to its natural botanical formulation. Stop suffering today.

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I've read a lot of review first on this product. I've read it from many different website. Most of the reviews say that this product really do works and few review does say it doesnt works. So i decide to give it a try. I have 2 Genital Warts on my pee pee. Only been using this product for about 5 day and i can already see that the warts disappearing a little. This product is easy to use. just put 1 drop or the liquid 4 times a day on your warts. It pretty much painless but this product does smell a little but i get used to it after few times i apply it. Would defo recommend this products to other people

the doctors have nothing to treat this condition so its well worth the money. nobody wants these lumps which can spread easily if untreated, expect about a week for it to go, or if you leave it it goes naturally in 18 months no brainer really

Very good product. Noticeable improvement after the first day of use. Leaves no residue or marks, and is easy to apply.

I hope somebody takes the time to read this as I really want to help all those suffering from this horrible skin virus!!I came across zymaderm after doing some research on the internet (I was using the tratidional cidar vinegar method and it did work single warts, however it did sting alot and it seemed to make my sons molluscum clusters spread more!) so I bought zymaderm instead as this was my last resort! I have to say that after 2 weeks 90 percent of my sons have gone! ( and he had them all over his body :(!!)even the clusters are gone so I am extremely please with this stuff!! the only negatives would be that the applicator dosent release the liquid well so I used a pipett instead, it would also be better if it was in a cream form as the liquid tends to run, so you have to use your common sense and let a tissue absorb some that gets past the molluscum. But other than that I cant complain as this stuff really works!!!I also found that applying inadine dressing after applying zynaderm also helps speed the recovery of molluscum (I just cut it to size and popped it over the molluscum)and covering it up with waterproof plasters helps as it keeps the zymaderm contained and stops molluscum spreading around the body.Hope this helps others suffering from this as I really fell your pain and there is hope out there..just persevere and stick at it!! :) :)I am really confident that zymaderm will kill all of the molluscum as they are nearly all gone, so I hope my review helps others out there.

this stuff is amazing!! i cant big it up enough it has changed my sons life ,,after a month of using this his molluscum has completely gone i am soooo pleased!!!!

FDA claims are apparently false but this stuff is brilliant!! Practically cleared it up!! Worth it's weight!!!

My family has always trusted natural and herbal treatments and ZymaDerm offers the perfect solution. The lumps and lesion shrink quickly for us. Thumbs up totally.

I like it absolutely.

Topical treatments are better and that’s why I picked this cream. It is absorbed quickly and extremely smooth. There is no overpowering odour either.