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Why you should use anti-wrinkle serums?

Ageing, as we all know is inevitable. But, there are ways you can maintain your youthful glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. If you feel your current anti-wrinkle product isn’t showing up any results, you must consider adding an anti-wrinkle serum to your skincare routine. Learn why serums are better than creams and what benefits will you get.

Most women will agree that wrinkles are the worst enemies of skin. They make you looker older than you probably are and leave skin texture uneven. If left untreated, wrinkles tend to become deeper, resulting in sagging skin. Undoubtedly there are countless anti-wrinkle creams on the market that claim to visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles in a matter of weeks. However, women who have been using these creams can tell that it takes a lot of time to see significant difference in the skin after using creams.

If you are looking for an alternative to these creams or lotions, then anti-wrinkle serums are just the right thing for you. Experts believe that serums are one of the most effective skincare products of recent times. They are lightweight and fast-absorbing liquid that deeply penetrate the skin and target wrinkles right at the source.

Creams vs serums: What is the difference?

While creams sit at the surface of skin acting as a protective barrier between it and the outside environment, serums penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver key ingredients. The molecules of serums are smaller than that of the creams and lotions and hence, they easily get absorbed into the dermal layer. The concentration of active ingredients is also higher compared to the creams.

While formulating serums, moisturizing ingredients that keep water from evaporating are left out. This is a reason some people won’t find them moisturising enough. In this case, they can be used as treatment products that need to be followed by moisturisers. But if your skin is oily then serums can give you enough hydration.

Benefits of using anti-wrinkle serum

If unsightly lines and wrinkles are making your skin look old, then anti-wrinkle serums are perfect treatment product for you. They are loaded with active ingredients that can helps restore skin elasticity and promote firmness. Active ingredients are present in higher concentration; while creams contain only 5 to 10 per cent of active ingredients, serum can contain up to 70 per cent. More the active ingredients, faster you get the results.

Using serums the right way

Adding serums to your daily skincare routine is really easy. You just have to apply them twice a day after cleansing and toning your face. Unlike creams, you don’t have to add layers on serums on your face. Just a pea-sized amount is enough dealing with your problem. If your skin feels dry after applying it, you can follow with a regular moisturiser.

Things to remember

While serums are quite effective anti-wrinkle treatment, you have to be careful while picking the product. Carefully check all the ingredients and make sure that suits your skin type. You can do a patch test on back of your hand to ensure that you aren’t allergic to the ingredients. Furthermore, use it only as per the instructions. Using more than the prescribed amount can cause irritation, rashes and itching to the skin. Due to high concentration of the active ingredients, serums can be expensive. But when applied properly, one bottle should last months as only few drops are super-effective.