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ClearPores Deep Body Wash

Oil-Free Botanical Cleanser


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There are various ways to help tackle the causes of acne, but keeping your body clean and nourished is the easiest way to help prevent bacteria associated with acne developing on your skin. After exploring the best moisturising ingredients from all around the world, Clear Pores formulated this Deep Body Wash using a unique combination of extracts, such as Green Tea and Grapeseed, known for their abilities to offer a deep cleanse and help provide nourishment for your skin. The wash has been designed to help you to experience the skin cleansing benefits of its ingredients, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

  • Designed to combat bacteria in pores
  • Unique blend of plant extracts
  • Helps reduce blackheads and whiteheads
  • Aims to shed skin cells clogging pores
  • Oil free formula
  • Suitable for the entire body

Clear Pores Deep Body Wash uses plant extracts in its formulation, known for their natural properties, to help unclog pores and repair damaged skin. It is a lightweight, soothing, daily use formula that aims to fight against signs of acne. The unique combination of herbal ingredients can help to give your daily body cleansing regime the refreshing start.

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What is Clear Pores Deep Body Wash?

Clear Pores Deep Body Wash is formulated with natural ingredients such as Grapeseed Oil and Green Tea, and is designed to help improve signs of acne. Acne can occur to anyone - young and old - and can appear on the face and body. This body wash includes a delicate formula, making the ideal addition to your everyday skincare routine, helping to remove any bacteria build up on your skin.

How does it work?

Acne can arise from hormones, genetics, environment, Whilst body acne is more common than you think and may be easier to hide than facial acne, it can still be unpleasant. Body acne usually occurs when sweat stays on the skin for too long and ends up being mixed with bacteria. This leads to dirt, oil and dead skin cells clogging up pores. Clear Pores have created a gentle formula with botanical extracts, allowing this body wash to be suitable for all skin types. It aims to unclog pores, reduce inflammation and minimise redness to help you achieve fresh and smooth skin.

What are the ingredients?

Clear Pores have carefully combined plant extracts, well known for their abilities to help protect the skin and that aim to eradicate bacteria that causes acne.

Grapeseed Extract
Grapeseed Extract - A high concentration of flavonoids, vitamin E and linoleic acid can be found in Grapeseed oil. It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce redness and the ability to retain moisture, ensuring the skin is hydrated.
Green Tea Leaf Extract
Green Tea Leaf Extract - Naturally rich in antioxidants, Green Tea is well established for its ability to help protect the skin from free radicals and aims to enhance elasticity.
Milk Thistle Extract
Milk Thistle Extract - This is known to have a cooling effect that aims to ease inflammation and redness. Milk Thistle consists of Vitamin E and fatty acids that help to moisturise the skin.
Maritime Pine Extract
Maritime Pine Extract - This natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredient aims to reduce the appearance of dry or red skin. It is also known to help increase collagen production and the skin’s natural hydration levels.

How to use

Using the Clear Pores Deep Body Wash is simple. Apply the wash onto wet skin and gently massage, concentrating on the areas prone to acne. Aim to leave the wash on for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse off with cool water. You may this twice daily and make sure you avoid contact with the eye area.