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Day creams VS night creams: Is there a difference?

Most of you think that night creams are nothing but a waste of money. But, that’s not true. Read on to find how night creams are different from day creams and how you can use them for concealing the signs of ageing.

For the most of us, cleansing, toning, moisturising and weekly exfoliation makes our skin care regime. But as ageing takes over, you feel the need for some change in your skincare regime. This is when you introduce night cream to your beauty cabinet. Most women think of night creams as way of corporates to get us to spend more money on cosmetics. Even reviews on the internet don’t always sing praise for these creams. But, there are many women who have used them and can’t stop counting the benefits of using night anti-ageing products and how different they are from the ones we use during the day.

The difference between day creams and night creams

During the day, we face a lot of pollution, UV rays and job stresses. This is why the products we use in the day are made just for protecting our skin. They are designed to keep our skin hydrated; they feel light weight and are non-greasy. In fact, you will notice that most day time products contain SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. As many women apply make-up while stepping out, day creams ensure that they don’t clog pores and let make-up sit evenly on the skin, while letting it breath. Even if your day product offers anti-ageing benefits, you will notice that the concentration of ingredients is quite low.

Day Cream vs Night Cream

So, if you use the same cream at night, the ingredients won’t be enough to provide you the required benefits. At night when we hardly experience any stress, it is time to treat and repair your skin. You can do without an SPF protector and you don’t need a clear canvas for make-up. This is why night creams are rich in ingredients and are more hydrating than day creams. They are designed for treating skin problems and repair the skin while you sleep. Most night products are slow-absorbing, heavy but deep penetrating. More anti-ageing ingredients are added in night creams as there is no concern of irritation due to sun exposure.

Is a night cream a necessity?

Clearly, it is better to use a specially formulated night cream if you are looking for anti-ageing benefits. But, do all women need a night cream? Well, no. If you are in your teens or twenties, then using your regular moisturiser at night will do wonders for your skin. There is no need to invest in special night creams. In fact, women in their late 20s can also do without a night cream if they don’t have any special skin problem. But as soon as ageing starts taking over, it is better to introduce a night cream in to your daily regime.

With increasing age, skin needs a little extra care especially if you don’t want wrinkles and fine lines to shadow your features. Protecting skin from signs of ageing and stimulating cell renewal can effectively be done by a night cream. You can continue using your regular moisturiser during day time, but shell out some extra pounds to buy a good night treatment cream or serum. Use it daily and within weeks you will see a significant difference in your skin.

Application for Night Cream

How to use a night cream?

There is nothing special that you have to do before applying a night cream. Just clean your face with a cleanser and follow with a toner (if you like) before you apply a night cream. Let the cream sit on your face overnight. In the morning you will see that the entire product has been absorbed by your skin. Do it for at least three months and you will see a significant improvement in your skin.