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50g Cream | Natural Cream With Pure Manuka Oil

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For a natural and complete protection of your skin, East Cape Manuka Cream composed of powdered Manuka honey, a handpicked blend of essential oils and other skin care ingredients making it a great choice. The cream helps to reduce skin problems like redness, dryness or irritation in all skin types.

  • Unique blend of powdered Manuka with essential oils
  • Can provide natural protection to skin
  • Skincare ingredients like lavender and lemon myrtle oil add gentle aroma
  • Enriched with antimicrobial triketone compounds of manuka
  • Easy and fast to apply as it has high absorption ability
  • Balances and battles with microorganisms growing inside the skin
  • Contains no artificial colours or fragrances

Due to increase in bacterial and fungal skin infections, awareness and need for their remedies are equally on demand. However, most of the skin problems get worse because of the synthetic composition of their creams and ointments. As alternative Manuka Naturals crafts this Manuka based cream combined with other natural

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What is manuka oil?

Native to New Zealand, Manuka plant or Leptospermum scoparium offers its oil which is used as one of the ingredients of the East Cape Manuka Cream. Scientific research studies were conducted and it was found that high quality Manuka plant is native to East Cape in the Northern Island of New Zealand, whose extracts are used in this skin cream. Grown in remote regions, the Manuka plant contains high levels of antimicrobial triketone compounds which adds antibacterial properties and helps to solve skin problems like allergy, rash, septic or infection.

The Cawthron Institute of New Zealand conducted an Independent In-Vitro study that derives East Cape Manuka Oil is found to be 20 to 30 times more active than Australian Tea tree Oil in controlling gram-positive bacteria on the skin. The Maori tribes of New Zealand has long been using the Manuka oil for following skin problems

  • Bites and stings
  • Damaged skin
  • Muscle pain
  • Fungus
  • Body Odour
  • Infections
  • Dandruff

East Cape Manuka Cream

East Cape Manuka Cream is a premium formulation of natural ingredients that contains the benefits of pure manuka oil to make a gentle and easy to use skin cream. Designed to help balance the skin's flora to make it more resistant to common minor skin problems, East Cape Manuka Cream can aid a number of issues related to bacteria and fungus including:

  • Athlete's foot
  • Ringworm
  • Foot and nail fungus
  • Yeast infections

The East Cape Manuka Cream also increases the skin’s immunity to insects like head lice, mosquitos and sandflies.

A research study by the University of Otago establishes the benefits of East Cape Manuka oil which extends in combating fungi and microorganisms that develop skin problems like Tinea (Athlete's foot), Ringworm, jock itch, nail fungus and foot and bad body odour. The same study also found that the East Cape Manuka oil supports the control of the Candida Albicans fungus and is resistant to bacteria present in vaginosis infections at low concentrations.

Considering all proved benefits of Manuka oil for skin care, the Manuka Naturals experts combined 5% concentration of Manuka oil in this cream to compose its premium benefits.

For more information on the scientific studies, please click here.

Key Ingredients

Along with manuka oil, some of the other active ingredients in this cream include

Sweet almond oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Commonly added to many natural skin care products, sweet almond oil has a versatile role on the skin. Sweet almond oil hydrates, moisturises and nourishes all skin types for its Vitamin E component. Combination of this oil with other strong essential oils together makes it ideal for sensitive skin.
Lavender Oil
Lavender Oil
One of the popular essential oils, lavender oil adds soothing fragrance to beauty and skin care products. The lavender oil has soothing anti-inflammatory effect on the skin which makes it beneficial to the healing process of minor cuts and burns.
Lemon Myrtle Oil
Lemon Myrtle Oil
As per the name, this essential oil adds fresh lime aroma to beauty and skin care products. The lemon myrtle oil is backed with antiseptic and antibacterial properties as it contains citral compound. The oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to cure minor skin irritation or itchiness.

Full ingredients list: Distilled water, Sweet Almond oil, Glycerin, Manuka oil, Stearic acid, Stearyl alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, emulsifier, TEA, Lavender oil, Lemon myrtle oil, preservative.

How to use

The East Cape Manuka Cream is very simple to apply. Take a good portion of it in clean hands and apply on the affected area. The cream is meant for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Safe and natural

The East Manuka Cream has a natural composition however first-timers should do a patch test before beginning to use the cream and also read the full ingredients list to check for personal allergies. This product does not contain any artificial colors, fragrances or paraben preservatives and is not tested on animals.