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Banish saddlebags: Simple ways to get rid of cellulite

Is cellulite keeping you from rocking your new dress at the party? Do you want perfect pins? If yes, you aren’t alone. Cellulite bothers more women than you think. But, fortunately there are ways you can get rid of it.

No matter what your weight, diet or exercise regime is like, you probably have got saddlebags. The unfortunate fact is that 9 of 10 women have cellulite either on their legs, buttocks or stomach. But, good news is there are ways you can deal with it. Before we discuss how to get rid of cellulite, it is important for you to know what it is and how it shows up on you.

What is cellulite and why do you get it?

Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat that shows up on women and some men too. Simply saying, it is a result of body fat–deposited underneath the skin, which shows up when due to upward pressure on the connective tissues. It is often believed that increasing weight is the prime reason behind hail damage. Though increasing weight can add to your cellulite by making your fat cells bigger, it isn’t the key factor behind cellulite formation. There are a lot of causes why cellulite appears on your body including genetics, hormones, diet, age and lifestyle choices. Some people claim that the accumulation of toxics in body mainly fuels the formation of lumpy bumpy skin. However, these claims aren’t supported by science.

Reduce Cellulite in Skin

Defeat the Dimples: How to get rid of cellulite?

At the core, cellulite is simply fat. If you lose some of it, you will naturally reduce the appearance of saddlebags. So, the simplest ways of defeating dimpled skin are:

Change your diet

Eat healthy diet to keep cellulite at bay. Food rich in fibre such as bran and oat cereals cut down fat deposition in the body. Avoid eating too much fatty and processed food. Drinking plenty of water can further help melt excess fat in your body. Water will also help strengthen the collagen in your skin, which will diminish the lumpy look.

Sweat it out at gym

Exercise is the key to get perfect pins. Enrol in a gym now and hit the treadmill. Along with cardio, dedicate some time to thighs, buttocks, and abs exercises. Weight training is also important when it comes to reducing the appearance of cellulite. If that sounds too much work, start by walking a mile extra. Doing moderate level of exercise regularly is the best way to keep fat away.

Massage affected area

Using body firming creams and anti-cellulite gels to massage the affected area can help reduce the appearance of saddlebags. You can even buy machines to massage the area and stimulate circulation beneath your skin.

Try dry brushing

Skin brushing is probably the best way to stimulate skin cell rejuvenation and improve lymphatic flow. Invest in a long handled, natural bristled skin brush and use it daily before taking shower. The only thing you must remember while dry brushing is to work toward the heart as that is how lymph flows.

Despite the popularity of liposuction as cellulite reduction technique, it has been seen that it actually does not remove cellulite. So, don’t waste your hard earned money on it. Give a shot to the above mentioned methods for reducing cellulite and improving the appearance of your skin.