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Is botox good for your skin?

We all know Botox as the Fountain of Youth in a needle. But, did you know that Botox is a drug made from Botulinum toxin? If Botox is toxic, is it really safe for your skin? Let’s find out.

When it comes to fighting fine lines and wrinkles, Botox is a solution that gives anti-ageing creams and serums a run for their money. More people than ever are seeking to get Botox treatments to zap away wrinkles instantly. Celebrities like Simon Cowell, Courtney Cox and Kim Kardashian have all gone under the needle and the results are out for all of us to see. Despite the popularity of this anti-ageing procedure, its safety is questioned every now and then. If you too are apprehensive about Botox treatment, keep reading to find out whether it is safe or not.


Botox - It’s all in the name

Botox is a popular name for Botulinum toxin. Just one gram of Botulinum toxin is all it takes to make a whole year's supply of Botox. The drug, when injected into the skin, removes wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. It’s simple - if an area of skin can't move, it can't wrinkle. But, the results are not permanent. Usually the effect lasts from three to eight months; then you need to undergo the needle again.

Commercially Botulinum toxin is available under four licensed toxin products - Botox, Vistabel, Azzalure, and Bocouture. Of all the brands, Botox has the most concentration of Botulinum toxin in it and lasts longer than the others. FDA has approved Botox for treating wrinkles and severe sweating. But, according to scientists Botulinum toxin is one of the most poisonous substances known to man.

So, if Botox is a toxic how can it be safe?

Botox a toxic

There is no doubt that Botulinum toxin is a poisonous substance, but the concentration that is used for anti-wrinkle treatment is relatively safe. The Botox injections that doctors administer into your skin are first diluted in saline (sodium chloride), making the dosage safer. Like every drug, Botox also has side-effects, but they aren’t severe.

The common side effects of Botox include swelling, bruising, headaches or flu-like symptoms. But all these are temporary and go away in a matter of days. In rare cases, people experience side-effects like drooping eyelids or eyebrows; but these too return to their natural position within a few months.

Experts agree that Botox can only be dangerous if higher dosages of the drug are injected or the treatment is performed by an unqualified surgeon. The risk of serious side-effects also increases if you get too many Botox treatments in a short space of time. So, if you're willing to reduce your frown lines using Botox, get the treatment done only by licensed medical professionals and space your maintenance sessions at least 4 months apart.

Is Botox for everyone?

Although Botox is generally a very safe procedure, it isn’t for everyone. Pregnant or breast-feeding women are advised against undergoing the needle as the effects of the drug on the baby aren't known. Those who are sensitive or allergic to Botulinum toxin should also avoid getting the treatment. If there is any infection at the site of injection, then you should avoid the procedure until the infection clears.

Think Botox isn’t your thing? Don’t panic, there are alternatives

Skincare products for Anti-Ageing

If you are not convinced that Botox is the right answer for your anti-ageing woes, it’s completely alright. You can choose to not use the needle, and still look young and fabulous. There are many advanced skincare products on the market that offer anti-ageing benefits by lightening the dark spots and stimulating cell renewal. Moreover, you can also keep your skin looking younger by religiously following a proper skin care regimen, eating right and keeping stress under control.