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Makari Exclusive Soap

200g Soap | Advanced Natural Skincare


Nobody likes to have dull, dry and rough. Help your skin to gently wear off these skin imperfections with Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap. This soap is a unique blend of Organiclarine, a naturally based skin lightening substance mixed with plant extracts that leave your face and body looking beautiful, youthful, and radiant. Simply replace this with your regular soap for best results.

  • Made from all natural plant extracts
  • Enriched with Organiclarine to naturally lighten your complexion
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells, dry skin and rough spots
  • Promotes smooth, soft and hydrated skin
  • Use 3 times per week, twice a day
  • Safe to use on all skin types

Let the natural ingredients of Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap ease the lightening process of your skin, you can consider using the caviar soap on alternate days to keep your skin hydrated. After using the exfoliating soap 3 times per week regularly, you are definitely going see a younger looking, more radiant and beautiful you.

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  • Vegan
  • Normal Skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Vegetarian

What is Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap?

Makari Exclusive Soap for Women

Soap is the best and an easy-to-use skin care treatment. Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap helps you to brighten and promote a more even skin tone in just few weeks. It washes off dead skin cells, dry skin and rough spots and in return reveals smooth, soft and hydrated skin that you were born with. Its advance natural extract formula carries out the lightening process gently and makes it ideal for the most skin types.

What differentiates this soap from the other bars of soap?

This skin toning soap from the only skincare line with Organiclarine makes Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap stand out from the rest. Organiclarine is a plant based skin lightening element that is most effective on dark areas of skin. It hydrates and smoothen your skin to maintain its quality and gives you a fresh and clear looking skin.

What are the ingredients?

Organiclarine is the most effective ingredient of Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap. Along with this, there are other natural ingredients which also assist in the process of skin lightening. These include: Sodium Palmate, Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Shea Butter, Carrot Oil, Retinyl Palmitate, licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Extract, Carrot (Daucus Catota Sativa) oil, Sodium Chloride, Arbutin, Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot Seed Extract), Sodium Hydroxide, Parfum (Fragrance), Tetrasodium EDTA, BHT, a-Isomethyl ionone, Benzyle Alcohol, Benzyl Salicylate, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool, FD & C Red #4, FD & C Red #33, Kojic Acid.

Is the soap safe to use?

Makari Exfoliating Soap

Since, the chemical-free ingredients of Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap make it a natural product; you are unlikely to experience any severe side-effects. However, we recommend that you check the ingredients properly to ensure that you aren’t allergic to any.

How do I use it and how often?

Using Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap is as basic as using your any other bathing soap. Carefully lather all over your body and face by ensuring you avoid contact with eyes. Wash off the foam and gently wipe your skin. Use this exfoliating soap and caviar soap on alternate days to hydrate as well as lighten your skin at the same time.

How can I order my Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap?

It is easy, secure and convenient process to order your Makari Exclusive Exfoliating Soap with Organiclarine from SkinCareTotal. Simply click the “Add to Basket” option and proceed to the secure checkout to choose from a wide range of payment options. We deliver your product as early as tomorrow if you order any product by 4:30pm on any working day.