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Debunking common nail growth myths

Did your mom tell you that biting your nails will stop their growth? While you can thank your mother for teaching you not to bite nails, blame her for telling you a lie about nail growth. Like biting nails doesn’t stop their growth, there are many similar myths about nail growth that we hear every day.

We tend to hear a lot about nails from our mother, friends and salon assistants. Believing all that we’re told is a common mistake with many of us often not realising what we hear may not be strictly true. There are lots of myths and misconceptions about nails that are doing the rounds. Here, we bust some of the common myths and shed some light on the facts:

Myth 1: Remove nail polish to let your nails breathe

Fact: Nails are dead cells and they don’t breath. All the nourishment that nails need to grow is provided by blood flow in the nail bed and no external air is needed for oxygen. It is true that you must remove your nail polish every week, but that is just so that you can apply a fresh coat and keep your nails attractive.

Myth 2: Clipping off cuticles is essential part of manicure

Fact: Cuticles are a protection for nail bed that keeps infections at bay. You should never clip off cuticles, as they are important for healthy nails. Always use a wooden stick to push them backwards. Also, make sure that your hands are moisturised when you push back the cuticles. Cuticle cream or oil can help keep them healthy.

Myth 3: Gelatin can help promote nail growth

Fact: Eating gelatin or soaking your nails into it isn’t going to do anything for your nails. Basically nails are made of keratin and not of gelatin. If you want to promote nail health and make them longer, consider using homeopathic solutions like Native Remedies Nail-Rx that is made up of Tea tree oil, Lavender oil, Clove oil and lemon grass – all of which help maintain nail health.

Myth 4: Nails love moisture

Fact: Moisturising hands and nails is good for their health, but excessive moisture can make them brittle. Hence, long hot baths and dishwashing can make them fragile. Cover your hands and nails while washing dishes to protect them from water.

Myth 5: Fake nails are bad

Fact: While nothing can beat the beauty of natural healthy nails, there are various kinds of fake nails available on the market that can make your hands look attractive. Fake nails if used properly aren’t bad for your natural nails. Proper cleanliness should be maintained while using them. Note that using fake nails too often should be avoided. They are apt for parties and occasional events but not for daily use.