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Marking a leading presence in dermatology and skin care, PyratineXR offers a range of proprietary compounds and products with broad therapeutic applications. Headquartered in Olomouc, Czech Republic, this company develops non-prescription cosmeceuticals using pharmaceutical grade standards. PyratineXR products are medically proven treatments that tackle the three key symptoms of rosacea – redness, acne lesions and spider veins. Apart from this, the range also has products designed to treat many skin conditions and concerns such as photodamaged skin and dryness.

PyratineXR changed skin rejuvenation science with its discovery of cytokinins, which are used in improving the signs of ageing skin. Cytokinins are a class of plant growth factors that are well known for delaying senescence (aging) of leaves. Pyratine has promoted international scientific research on their similar beneficial effect on human skin cells developing cytokinin-based products that make a significant difference in reversing the signs of aging without any side effects.

All the products in this range are non-prescription and multifunctional. Safety standards of the products are the cornerstone of this brand. All the products are made to go through safety tests that are in line with the procedures used before passing a New Drug Application through the FDA. The efficacy studies are done in controlled clinical environments at medical institutions using FDA protocols. The product manufacturing is done strictly under GMP guidelines and the test of all batches for homogeneity is also conducted in a GMP approved independent laboratory.

Unlike other cosmetic and skin care manufacturing companies, PyrantineXR does not believe in mixing several actives in one formulation without testing for compatibility among the ingredients. It conducts both biological activity and toxicity tests to ensure that the combined ingredients are synergistic and not antagonistic. At Pyratine, none of the products are tested on animals; trails are only on humans who volunteer for it. Emphasis is laid on developing plant-based compounds, which are naturally occurring in nature. It is ensured that acids and harsh chemicals are not added into the products, which makes them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and irritated skin.