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How to get red-carpet ready skin?

You might not be a celebrity, but that can’t stop you from getting their signature red-carpet glow. We bring to you the secrets behind their glowing and flawless skin. Use the following tips and tricks to get red-carpet ready skin just like stars. Thank us later!

Every year at the BAFTAs, Oscars, Golden Globes and many other coveted award ceremonies we see our favourite celebrities walk down the red carpet looking spectacularly gorgeous. The designer dress, flawless skin, silky-smooth hair and sparkling smile – everything is just perfect when they face the cameras. But let’s be honest – not all stars are born with good-looks. Most of them spend weeks, if not months, with dermatologists, aestheticians and makeup artists to get ready for the red carpet.

You might not have the privilege to attend such award functions, but there are many big events in your life where you want to grab the spotlight. While you may not be able to spend on the special services of dermatologists, aestheticians and makeup artists, you can still get the signature red-carpet radiance with the following tips and tricks:

Don’t compromise on your beauty sleep

If you don’t want under-eye puffiness and dark circles just before the big day, then get a good night’s sleep. Not getting proper sleep of 7 to 8 hours can increase the retention of fluids around the eyes, causing swelling and puffiness. Experts believe that sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows helps promote the drainage of fluids around the eyes, hence controlling under-eye puffiness. But if you still wake up with puffy eyes, place an ice cube on your tongue and hold it to the roof of your mouth for ten minutes to get refreshed and bright eyes instantly.

Make way for glowing, clearer skin

Clear skin is a pre-requisite for the red-carpet look. Slough off the dead skin cells by exfoliating with a gentle scrub to prevent dull and tired looking skin. Don’t forget your neck and chest as these areas are often exposed in party dresses. We recommend using a device like the Silk'n Sonic Clean Plus to get clear, smooth and soft skin. Moisturise your skin well before applying make-up. Experts advise using 2 drops of jojoba, rose hips seed, pomegranate, argan or olive oil in your moisturiser to repair invisible cracks within the skin’s moisture barrier.

Skin on Red Carpet

Say goodbye to skin imperfections

If you experience skin problems acne, pigmentation or dark spots, then consider getting special facials to improve your appearance. In case you are on a budget, try at-home microdermabrasion using Skin Doctors Powerbrasion System. It is an advanced system that combines microdermabrasion and gamma hydroxy exfoliation to make your skin smooth and radiant-looking. Intensive Micro-Dermabrasion Crystals in the system gently exfoliate the top imperfect layer of your skin to reveal the smooth, radiant and younger looking skin lying beneath. The Gamma Hydroxy Skin Resurfacing Cream with AHAs and Salicylic Acid effectively reduces blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and hyperpigmentation.

Hydrate your skin from the inside

Well-hydrated skin is not only clear, but soft and supple as well. You can slather on a lot of moisturiser to prevent dryness, but glowing skin needs to be hydrated from the inside. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to flush toxins and hydrate your body. Green tea, water-rich fruits and lemon water are great hydrating agents. Eating green vegetables also helps to oxygenate skin, while boosting lymphatic drainage. This helps keep your skin de-puffed and glowing from within.