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When should you start using anti-ageing products?

Some women start using anti-ageing in their 20s while others don’t begin until they start seeing wrinkles. But what exactly is the right time to start using anti-ageing products? Find out here.

Have you been using anti-ageing solutions for a long time yet still unable to get rid of those lines and wrinkles? Well, this can be simply because you didn’t start using the treatment at right time. Most people think that the right time to use anti-ageing products is when you start seeing little lines around your eyes. But that is not true. Anti-ageing creams are basically designed to slow down ageing, not reverse it. So, if you want them to make you look younger, then the key to success is to start using them while you are still young.

Do you need anti-ageing product in your 20s?

By young we don’t mean that you should start stuffing anti-ageing products in your cabinet in your twenties. Layering up anti-wrinkle creams and serum on your skin, especially at the time it’s at its best glow, just doesn’t make sense. In your 20s, regular cleansing, toning, moisturising and weekly exfoliation is enough to keep your skin glowing. Use antioxidant rich cleansers and moisturisers as they counter act free radical damage and make skin supple.

Never go out without sunscreen as sun damage can trigger most premature ageing and lead to development of wrinkles and fine lines. One thing that all women in their 20s must remember is – never sleep with your makeup on. Remove it properly before you hit the bed. Leaving makeup on the whole night can be catastrophic for your skin. Smoking can also speed up the ageing process and hence, must be avoided if you want a younger looking skin.

So, is 30s the right time?

Simply put, yes. When you enter 30s, your skin demands more care. You should start using ageing products as soon as you turn 30 so that you can stop ageing in its tracks. It is the time when collagen starts depleting and sun damage begins to distort your skin barrier function. If you start using the right anti-ageing products at this time, you can slow down this process and delay the ageing process. Always remember that ageing is inevitable and it is going to take over us with time. Using anti-ageing formulas from right time can just help slow down the process and make you look younger than your actual age.

What if you have touched 40?

In case you have entered your 40s and you plan to begin now, then you need products to fight the damage that has already been done. You would want to invest in anti-ageing products with high concentration of active ingredients like Retinol that fight wrinkles, boost hydration and reverse UV damage. Using special cream for eyes becomes indispensable as the skin around eyes faces the maximum damage from ageing. As a lot of damage has already been caused, it will take longer for you to actually see the results from these products. Proper skincare regime and continuous use of anti-ageing products is the key to gain long-term results.