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What are the most common rosacea triggers?

Rosacea triggers are factors that may cause sudden flare-ups in rosacea sufferer. A potential trigger can be different for every individual. From extreme weather to spicy food, anything can cause your skin to flush and your bumps to become more intense. Identify these triggers and avoid them and to manage your skin condition well.

If you have rosacea, you know how hard it is to manage the facial redness and pimple-like blemishes. Just when you think you have controlled the redness, your skin flares-up again. The sudden outbreak of rosacea is due to various factors such as environmental change, food, stress and hormones. These factor that cause sudden outbreak are what we call as rosacea triggers.

You can improve your skin condition and reduce the frequency of flare-ups if you identify these triggers and avoid them completely. Every rosacea sufferer has different triggers. We can’t know what causes rosacea, but it is possible to know what can aggravate the condition. Here are some common triggers that may exacerbate rosacea:

Weather conditions

Sun exposure, heat, humidity, cold, and strong wind are common factors that trigger flare-ups. Any extreme weather condition can cause flushes in rosacea sufferers. To protect skin from the sun, avoid exposure between 10 am and 4 pm during the summer months. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen throughout the year. On hot and humid days, stay in air-conditioned environment. During winters, stay warm and cover your face when it’s windy.

Stress and anxiety

Emotional issues like stress, depression and anxiety can stimulate a flushing response. To tame the trigger, avoid any extreme emotional situation. As it can be difficult to do that, try to indulge in relaxing activities like yoga, meditation and deep breathing when you feel stressed or too excited. Maintain your health by eating balanced diet and indulging in moderate exercise. Getting enough sleep reduces stress and keeps your mind relaxed.

Skincare products

Cosmetics and beauty essentials that contain alcohol, witch hazel or fragrance can also cause flare-ups. Experts recommend reading labels carefully before buying any skincare product. It is better to use products that are specifically formulated for reducing redness and acne. Avoid experimenting with different products as rosacea skin is sensitive to irritants and can easily flare-up. Stick to the ones that don’t cause irritation and redness.

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Food and drinks

To ensure that your rosacea treatment works well, you need to watch out what you eat and drink. Hot and spicy food is one of the most common triggers of rosacea. Other foods like dairy products, chocolate, vanilla, soy sauce, vinegar, eggplant, tomatoes, avocados and bananas have also been found to aggravate the skin condition. Hot tea, coffee, soup and alcoholic beverages also cause sudden outbreaks. It is advised to avoid them completely to manage rosacea.