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Rosacea symptoms are very common in the European continent, affecting people over the age of 30. It usually affects cheeks, nose, chin and forehead with irritable redness. Although, the severity and symptoms can vary on the individual basis but usual ones include flushing and redness on the face, thick skin structure especially on cheeks, chin and forehead. Acne has also been associated with rosacea and so is swollen nose, red lines on skin and red, itchy eyes. When rosacea symptoms get worse vision problems can also get worse.

There are a number of rosacea treatments available in the market but researches are actually unsure of what actually causes this condition. In fact, even after years of research we have little information on what triggers rosacea skin care. However, experts feel that proper moisturizing creams and knowing your triggers can offer help. Some of the most frequent triggers are spicy foods, hot beverages and foods, extreme temperatures, alcohol, direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays, heavy exercise, sauna or hot bath, substance abuse, certain prescription drugs, extreme emotions like anger, stress, embarrassment or crying. This doesn’t necessarily cover all the triggers and your personal ones can actually be unique or a combination of the above.

Rosacea symptoms affect psychical levels but the impact is emotional and psychological too. Many men and women lose their confidence simply because of these symptoms getting worse day by day. If you run a simple search on rosacea treatments, there are dozens of available options but we all know the aggressiveness of these products. Many consumers have also reported the symptoms getting worse with harsh chemicals. You need to understand that simply writing rosacea cream doesn’t make the product effective and safe.

So what actually qualifies for a better rosacea treatment? Is there actually a way to combat the condition or do you have to live with it. In medical terms, no rosacea cream or gel can completely solve the problem, no one can deny that people have successfully dealt with the symptoms and controlled the condition using traditionally known ingredients. At Skin Care Total, we offer you a combination of such ingredients along with advanced testing and quality control. All the natural skin care products have been designed to work on this specific condition to target every single symptom and discomfort related to it.

You will find high quality cleansers to remove the irritants from skin pores and prepare it to receive rosacea treatment. Other than that we also have moisturizes and serums to soothe damaged skin and initiate repair. Regular use of our formulations may also improve blood circulation while sunscreens protect skin against environmental damage of UV rays. Our rosacea skin care section is simple, carefully designed and effective.