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Skin Infections

Skin is the largest organ protecting you from infections, bacteria and environmental pollutants but it can also get infected at times. Bacterial, parasitic, viral and fungal skin infections are quite common with fairly simple treatment only if you utilize them at the right time. That’s why we have developed an extensive range for universal skin issues that can affect both men and women.

Skin infection symptoms can vary drastically depending on if the bacteria, virus, parasite or fungus has caused a particular condition. The severity and stubbornness of symptoms also depends on the type of infection and that is why it is extremely important that you act from the initial signs. Furthermore, the problem with bacterial and fungal skin infections is that if they are left untreated, subsequent symptoms and other severe infections can affect within fast. On Skin Care Total, you can find natural skin infection treatments for the following conditions.

Athlete’s Foot: It is a condition similar to ringworm and is often referred to as ringworm of the foot. Scaling, flaking and itching are common symptoms with antifungal topical treatments being the best solution.

Boils: This bacterial skin condition starts from the oil gland or hair follicle and makes the affected area tender and red. Pus is a common problem with boils as they affect buttocks, shoulders, armpits, neck and face more frequently.

Candida: Skin overgrowth in this condition is usually harmless but it is still important to deal with it at the right time to prevent is spreading.

Cold Sores: Popularly known as fever blisters, these small blisters usually affect the lips and the area around your mouth. The blisters and area around them are usually swollen, red and sore. Plus, when they open of leak, a clear liquid is exceeded which is contagious.

Jock Itch: This fungal infection frequently affects the upper thighs and groin. The usual symptoms include itching, flaking, chaffing, rashes, cracking and more.

Ringworm: Being a fungal skin infection, ringworms need antifungal oral and topical medication. They are associated with crusted and scaly skin along with symptoms like hot flashes, itching, redness and rashes.

Scabies: Caused by dust mites, this skin infection can be really itchy especially during nights. It is highly contagious and can affect several family members at a time. Topical skin infection treatments are a great option in the condition.

At Skin Care Total, you would find will find skin infection treatments for all these conditions along with some others too. We even have relief options for varicose veins to be applied topically and supplements to support healthy immune systems against skin infections.