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The right way to use skin lightening creams

Using skin lightening cream seems relatively easy. However, most women get it all wrong and use the treatment before preparing their skin. Discover the ideal way of applying lightening cream to get optimal results.

Fair and unblemished skin is desired by all women, but only few are blessed with it. Most of us have to fight with blemished, dark, and uneven facial skin. It goes without saying that blemishes and dark spots on face and other exposed areas are enough to damage self-confidence of any women. But thankfully, there are skin lightening creams on the market that can be used to reduce spots and dullness. It is important to choose a right cream for yourself, depending upon your skin type. After picking the right cream for your skin, the next important step is to apply the cream correctly. Here is how you can do that:

Step 1: Clean your face with a suitable cleanser to remove all kinds of impurities. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry using a soft towel. If you are wearing make-up, remove it completely using a suitable make-up remover.

Step 2: Apply toner all over your face and neck using a cotton ball. Toning is essential after cleansing as it removes any remaining dirt and opens pores for further treatment. It is a misconception that people with dry skin don’t need toning. Toning must be a part of your skin care regime irrespective of your skin type.

Step 3: Take a dime amount of skin lightening cream and apply on the forehead. Gently smooth the cream using your fingers in outward motion. Massage until it is absorbed completely.

Step 4: Now, take sufficient amount of cream and massage it on the cheeks, chin and rest of your face including neck. Move your fingers in circulatory motion over the cheeks to smoothen the formulation. Don’t use your thumb as it can put excessive pressure on your skin.

Step 5: Although most of the lightening creams have moisturising ingredients in them, you can still use some extra moisturiser on your face and neck if your skin feels dry.

Step 6: Don’t forget to wear a sunscreen lotion with an SPF of at least 15 if you are going out. This will protect your skin from sun damage.