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Stretch marks removal: What are your options?

Stretch marks can be unsightly and quite noticeable, especially if they affect a large area of your body. From creams and laser surgery to cosmetic procedures, there are several treatments available for stretch marks removal. Read all about treatments for stretch marks here.

Stretch marks are very common. Anyone can get them, be it men, women or a teenager. Narrow streaks or lines that develop on skin are basically due to stretching of top layer that exposes the middle layer of your skin. It is a myth that only pregnant women develop marks on skin. The fact is these marks are result of sudden weight gain and hence can develop in men due to body building or in teenagers due to growth spurts during puberty. Read more about the causes of stretch marks.

While most stretch marks are not particularly noticeable and fade with time, there are many cases when marks are quite visible and unsightly. There are various treatments available for stretch marks removal. Here are some of the commonly used methods for getting rid of these marks:

Stretch marks removal creams and lotions

Many creams and lotions for reducing the appearance of body marks are available on the market. Retin-A and glycolic acid are the main ingredients found in these creams. Researches have shown that both of these ingredients are quite effective in reducing the appearance of pink and red marks on the body. Pregnant or nursing women are advised to avoid retinoid therapy. You can also choose natural stretch marks removal products. There are many body firming creams and serums on the market that contain natural ingredients for reducing the appearance of marks.

Laser therapy for stretch marks

Laser therapy that used intense light to stimulate the growth of collagen is quite popular treatment for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. In the process light waves transmit energy that is absorbed by the blood vessels in the skin. This energy causes blood vessels to collapse and the red lines of the skin either disappears or turn white. While laser cannot completely remove stretch marks, it does help make them less noticeable. The therapy is not only expensive, but is painful as well. Moreover, like other laser treatments, the success of the therapy depends on your skin colour and type.

Cosmetic treatments for stretch marks removal

Microdermabrasion is a popular treatment used for reducing the marks on the skin. In the treatment hand-held device that blows crystals onto skin is used to polish the skin surface and remove dead cells. The treatment gently removes the skin's top layer, revealing the fresh and healthy skin from inside. It takes two to three sessions to see significant improvement in the skin. Unlike any other treatment, microdermabrasion is effective for older stretch marks. Those, who have stretch marks on abdomen along with lots of loose skin, can consider adominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck. The surgery removes excess skin and fat from your abdomen, making you slimmer and removing your stretch marks. Adominoplasty is an expensive procedure and isn’t available on NHS.

If you have stretch marks, you can choose from the above mentioned treatments depending on the age of your marks, results of the treatment and cost involved. In case you think that your marks aren’t because of weight gain or pregnancy, consult your GP immediately.